International Training and Consulting

We in a partnership with our clients provide Consulting and Customer Training. The subject matter experts or Trainer will provide content based on the needs of the attendees and provide these through a content management system to your team to make sastainable and accessable to every member of the team.

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We provide a full service for our customers to integrate their training materials and contents for their employees to give them ability to access the course contents from anywhere. The portal can be used by trainers to convert their courses into an elearning content and attendees can access it from anywhere online. Our Service in overview:

Providing a training portal
We will collect all created and provided learning contents (PDF, Word, ...) and training presentations during the whole project execution. We will embed these into an eLearning Portal during the project. This Portal will provide an access for the Client and concerned parties to all respective materials. It is an add-on value for the customer and trainers. The Portal will serve as

  • An Archiving system for the Client, trainers and provider or tenderer
  • Source of the respective training materials open to all users any time from any location
  • Steps documenting the executed training in front of EU and in front of customer
  • Transfer of know-how at any time

We will provide a capturing tool for the trainers to be installed on their laptops to record their presentations and their voice during the training sessions and the discussions during or after the presentations. These recorded training sessions will be converted into internet compatible formats to be embedded into the Learning Management Portal. We will install eLearning System for the project on a server and available for users through a standard web browser (IE, FireFox and Chrome). All users will get login details with user id and password to enter the system at any time to visit these training units or visit any sessions they missed or would like to revisit. The system will be available 24/7 during the project duration and after closing the project of 6 months. The Client can extend the usage of the system for a yearly fee. Optional: We can provide certificates for passed exams in the same portal as an eTesting online exam to the users after visiting these training sessions. The participants will get a certificate that they passed the exam and confirming their know-how and their level of knowledge based on these trainings session.

  • Long expierence in eLearning and eAssessments.
  • IT Background for integration and interfaces.
  • Consultancy for OpenSource Systems or Standard Tools.
  • Installation and Setup.
  • Creating and developing content in partnership with our customers.
  • Training and Support.