International Training and Consulting

We in a partnership with our clients provide Consulting and Customer Training. The subject matter experts or Trainer will provide content based on the needs of the attendees and provide these through a content management system to your team to make sastainable and accessable to every member of the team.

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Train Your Team - International Training and Consulting

  • Sage - Customized academy portal for online exams for partners and users

    Sage Germany is a member of the British Sage Group plc, which counts with more than 6 million customers and employs around 13,600 people. Sage is one of the world market leaders as a vendor in the business management software and services.
    A huge number of partners and users are using the Sage's systems worldwide and sage needs to certificate these partners and users. Tests and exams were needed in this case. The efforts will be enormous to invite a huge number of partners and users to run these certificates on paper. eTesting-Portal is needed.
    TrainYourTeam was requested to design a solution for the whole process to design an eLearning solution and manage the whole project and to develop it. The eTesting portal should cover test centers and their opening time and number of available seats. The Partners have their own accounts and their own history, and access to the calendar of events to schedule their employees for these exams.

    The Sage Admin is able to:
     1) access the users accounts and schedule them to exams, if needed.
     2) Generate exams and questions in 22 different question types.
     3) Printing certifications
     4) Monitoring function
     5) Daily Reports for test centers
     6) Schedule function

    The Academy portal is connected to Questionmark and to Sage system. TrainYourTeam developed an additional interface to connect the 3 systems. Questionmark is used as a standard tool to generate questions and exams. Sage System is the source for all needed data about the users and partners and their qualifications.

    Type of services provided
     - Project management
     - Portal development
     - Design and structure of an eTesting portal
     - Coordination of maintenance with the users and customer
     - Assessments and eLearning Consulting
     - Consulting for administrators and authors, such as training, generating exams, creating questions to run online certifications and managing test centers
     - Customized development interfaces between Sage Systems, Questionmark and the new academy portal.
     - Training and Introduction

  • Dornier Consulting - TRACECA eLearning Portal

    Dornier Consulting is one of the leaders in transportation consulting worldwide and Dornier Consulting is leading the EU funded project for TRACECA (Transport Corridor Europe Caucasus Asia)

    TRACECA corridor is developing trends of trade and economic development. Major traffic flows passing through a corridor formed on the one hand, in Western and Central Europe, and on the other - in Central and South-East Asia.

    Dornier Consulting and the consortium delivered transportation planning tools and training to these countries and a high number of users visited these training in English and Russian language. TrainYourTeam.EU was selected by Dornier Consulting to record all these sessions and convert them into a standard streaming internet format. TrainYourTeam installed a LMS on a LAMP Server and created for all users an account. Designed the structure of the content based on the trainings session. The attendee can identify what he or she visited and which documents or videos are still outstanding. Tools were installed on presenters laptops during the sessions and the screen and presenter audio were reported and converted into a standard streaming MP4 and Flash format. These contents were embedded into a structure equal to the training sessions into the portal. The recorded sessions were divided into parts and the user can jump to the desired marker and no need to view the whole video.

    Type of services provided
     - Project Management
     - eLearning Consulting
     - Content creation
     - System selection and recommendation
     - Portal installation and customized design
     - Server installation and Maintenance

  • Education Ministry - English Exams for pupils in Austria Schools

    Consultants team in cooperation with CEBS, actively participated in the development of assessment tools for the Austrian ministry of education.

    Target: all pupils in Austrian schools should participate a yearly exam to measure their English language level as English in Europe is the first business language. The ministry of Education wanted to improve the knowhow and skills of the students and to help the teachers having a plan how to improve their content based on the skills level of their classes in comparison to the whole country. The teachers are able hereby to analyze the gaps and try to close these and help their pupils.

    The project is divided into 3 parts:
    1) Authoring and Exams system (Questionmark)
    2) Reports system (Customized Development)
    3) Registration system (Customized Development)

    TrainYourTeam was asked by CEBS to help out in defining the project and developing the whole registration system with an interface to another 2 systems and to schedule exams automatically and prepare data for the reports system.

    Type of services provided
     - eLearning Consulting
     - System integration and interfaces
     - eTesting-Advisor
     - Development in PHP
     - Project management
     - IT-Consultancy